History of the Trails

Nannup Mountain Bike Club (NMBC) was formed in 2015 by like-minded community members who participated in and enjoyed the sport of Mountain Biking and the benefits which come from this exciting sport.

Since 2016 NMBC has been actively involved with the advocacy of legitimate trails in the Shire of Nannup.  In 2017 NMBC signed off on the successful completion of an ‘Off-Road Pump Track’, within Nannup. Working in close collaboration with the local authorities and youth crime prevention officers during the project. The Club sees this as an excellent example of local community collaboration, volunteer programming, and the continued development of youth rider skills whilst sharing local knowledge of cycling trails.

Beginning in 2020 NMBC looked to drive the Nannup Trails Masterplan, this continued to develop existing partnerships with the local Shire and many of the local agencies it had worked with during previous projects.  The Club offered its support through a strong and supportive cycling fraternity within Nannup township and the wider South West community.

With the recent completion in March 2022, NMBC continues to look to offer a variety of trails that cater to the needs of all abilities and divergent riding styles. Nannup itself is very accessible with regards to the actual township, there are linked trails to Tank 7, and negotiating around the surrounding trails is also relatively easy. More trail development is currently in the planning stage and Nannup looks to gain even more variety and dedicated trails in the near future.

Nannup offers unique and attractive topography, with varied terrain suited to challenging and stimulating any mountain bike rider.

To download existing trail maps, go to:

Here for a downloadable Map from the Nannup Shire

Or the Experiencenannup link to an App that allows you to search other trails and have the maps on your mobile device.⁠

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